Sunday, December 23, 2007

RIP Kex Gorin

Kex Gorin, one time drummer for Magnum passed away on the 21st of December. RIP is Kex.

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Kenny Jones said...

It is with great sadness that I learnt of Kex's passing. Of course, he is no longer suffering, but his loss has filled me with deep sorrow.
The first time I met Kex must have been 1977. When MAGNUM played a Birmingham pub/bar residency (The Railway, Curzon Street, Birmingham, England)I would go along every Thursday night to see the band. After a while, I managed to drag my now late brother along with me, and we would play darts against Kex and his rodie (who's name has gone from my memory, sorry). We used to share a few drinks, play a few games, share many laughs along the way. Some years after, I saw Kex in Solihull while shopping and he shouted my name making me look around to see him smiling with arms outstretched. I had not seen him for many years before this, and to think he remembered me with such fondness made me very happy.
Well, thats my story of how the great man entered my life.
Kex, may you Rest In Peace, and I sincerely hope we meet up again one day.
Kenny Jones